America: The Greatest Nation in the World (A Mostly True History Textbook) ®2017 OA

Chapter 23: Post-Trump America


The 2016 American presidential election was one for the record books, and not just because of the Russian hacking scandal that was eventually swept under the rug. Insults were flung, daughters were poised in Chanel stilettos, and eventually a new president was elected. But was it the president America needed? Or even wanted? Hashtags were often used such as #NotMyPresident, across the now outdated social media site, Twitter.

A never before seen backlash was directed towards the most unfairly treated president in American history, Donald J. Trump. But what was the real reason behind the missteps in the Trump administration that caused an immediate re-set on the world? Now that we have reached 2017 OA (Once Again) we feel safe to re-evaluate this tumultuous time.

Section 1: What Should Have Happened

Many Americans truly believed in their country and that they would do the right thing and elect Hillary Clinton. Not because she was qualified, or even because they didn’t like Donald Trump, but because she was a woman.

This attribute should have been enough to push her over the finish line because that is how American history works, or had worked. Pre-Trump, Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States. Logically, a woman should have been elected next, and then a gay man, then a black woman, and then whatever mix of the rainbow comes next. Unfortunately, this did not happen and the world was, as they said in 2017 AD, shook.

The fallout for the disasters that then ensued in America could not be blamed on Trump, but on the lack of consistency in American history. This mistake caused the greatest turn of events in the world’s history: a complete reset.

Section 2: A Reset on History

The American people gave Donald Trump a chance in the beginning of 2017, but he continued to make blunder after blunder, if the journalists of the time can be trusted, which, according to the Trump administration, they cannot. (See the Appendix #FakeNews for further details).

This led to an American revolution and a drastic decision, to go back to the beginnings of America and to do it all over again and hope to get it right this time. America then elected 43 more white, old dudes to run the country with countless racist and sexist agendas. Then, last year in 2016 OA, after the second first black president, America elected another white person, but this one was a woman!

Section 3: The -isms America Had to Get Through

Many historians question America’s decision to re-start their country in the same brutal fashion as they did the first time. Queen Elizabeth in particular was not amused and mostly just ignored their ridiculous attempts at war.

This controversial decision was highlighted as other countries, including their neighbours, Canada and Mexico, both of whom actually did build a wall, advanced in the worlds of technology, science, health care, and had social and economic booms throughout their lands. The rest of the world even took the time to figure out that Canada and Mexico were not actually territories of the United States, as many people believed, but their own countries.

Throughout the past 300 years America has had to go through the racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and all the other -isms and phobias that you can think of. All of this, just to get back to the opportunity to elect a woman as president. But, they have one now, and maybe it was all worth it.

Looking Ahead:

Hindsight is great and not everyone gets the chance to have it, but that doesn’t always mean we can make the right decisions with a do-over. It took a long time for America to get back to the possibility of a woman president. Maybe she will be the best there ever was or maybe she will fail horribly and America will never elect another woman. (This has the highest probability of occurring). But if she gets impeached we already have a white gay man to take her place, so we won’t have to go through all this shit again!