8 Ways to Ensure Your Male-Centered TV Show Is Never Overpowered by a Female

  1. Wardrobe should consist solely of crop tops and short shorts…no matter the season.
  2. Her dialogue should be directed towards the female audience and consist of easy to understand words, such as “um,” “yes,” and “OK.”
  3. The best writing crew consists of straight, white men ranging from pale to tan-ish.
  4. Use the female, slut-shame her, and then kill her off. Bye!
  5. Find the most beautiful East-European woman to film and have her lines dubbed over by a less appealing version of the gender, so the women’s one good trait is used.
  6. Create recurring roles that women can handle (mother, babysitter, hair dresser), with catchy character names like “Woman 2,” That Girl,” or “The Silent One.”
  7. Fun red clothing should be used once a month so that the men know when to steer clear of their irrational moods.
  8. Male improv should be highlighted, but the female’s lines will be accompanied by the male writer’s name, so the credit is duly given.