How to Keep Busy While Waiting for Your Slow Internet

So, you found a hilarious list of Gifs that explain what it’s like waiting in line at the grocery store that you can’t wait to look at? Unfortunately, you are in the middle of the airport, and you are only one of thousands trying to use the free internet. So, instead you have found yourself face to face with a series of blank squares trying to load with random commentary above each one, but with a bit of patience one, or maybe even all of them, may load. Here are some things to do while you wait:

  • Step away from the computer. Get in your car. Go to the grocery store. Meal prep for the next month.
  • Read a book. Finish it. Watch the movie. Then the short-lived TV series.
  • Dance around. Take a dance class. Teach your own class. Choreograph an entire new finale dance from the Broadway hit “Hairspray.”
  • Prep for bed. Then go to bed. Dream of sugar plums. Wake up the next morning and see if it has loaded.
  • Count down from ten. Then back up to one million.
  • Take a deep breath. Take ten more. Practice holding your breath until you can recreate the second task from the Triwizard tournament.
  • Stand up and stretch. Watch yoga videos online. Become a certified yoga instructor. Become a contortionist. Run away with Cirque du Soleil.
  • Have a cup of tea. Enjoy the tea. Grow your own plant. Harvest the leaves. Start your own tea company.
  • Visualize. A better world where there is no slow internet. Sail away. Build that world.
  • Let go. Forget your old life. It’s gone now. Throw out your internet router and move away.